Disable these features on your Android smartphone. 5 ways you can take care of your battery and extend the life of your phone

If your phone’s battery drains very quickly, it definitely bothers you in modern life. However, we often have all possible applications and features activated in the phone at the same time, so that the smartphone unnecessarily consumes precious electricity, even when we don’t need it. See what you should give up if you want to extend the life of your battery.


Battery in Android phones

Until recently mobile phones they were only used by people to make calls and send short text messages called SMS. At the time, the cells could last for about a week on a single charge, and for 3-4 day trips, you didn’t even need to carry the charger. Plus, if someone really needed to use their gear a lot, you could easily carry an extra battery with you, which you could easily replace yourself.

However, in response to consumer needs and technological progress, the market began to develop dynamically. The displays became more and more colorful and bigger, consuming more and more electricity. The components also took up more and more space, which made independent cell replacement impossible. The first touch screens in smartphones have meant that today mobile phones have turned into computers in almost all respects. Today, via a mobile device, you can, among others:

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