Disability Due to Stroke Can Be Prevented with the FAST Method

ILLUSTRATION: Disability Due to Stroke (Source: Shutterstock)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TVStroke can cause a person to experience partial or even complete disability. Quick and early action must be taken to prevent this from happening.

One of the quick actions that can be done to save a disability is the FAST method (Face, Arm, Speech, Time).

The President Director of the National Brain Center Hospital (PON) dr. Mursyid Bustami, Sp. S(K) said the stroke happened suddenly, so there was no slow stroke.

“So people who are doing activities also suddenly have weak hands on one side, suddenly they say it’s not true, how come their face goes down like that,” he said, quoted from sehatnegeriku.kemenkes.go.id, Thursday (9/9/2021).

Immediate action must be taken by bringing the patient to the hospital. To recognize early symptoms, people can use the FAST (Face, Arm, Speech, Time) method.

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dr. Murshid explained, Face is a symptom that is seen from a person’s face that looks abnormal, such as one-sided and asymmetrical.

As for Arm, The symptoms of a stroke are seen from the patient’s arm becomes weak. If the arm is raised then the height is not the same as the other arm.

SpeechThe symptoms of stroke are seen from the patient’s way of speaking which becomes difficult, unclear, or even unable to speak.

Currently Time, the last method after the previous three methods were indicated in the patient, then it was time to take the patient to the hospital.



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