Director Znotiņa’s film about the group ‘Līvi’ will be shown in a special screening

On December 12, 2022, at 19:00 at the house of music “Daile”, there will be a special screening of torture-rock documentary film “Start all over again” by new director Rūta Znotiņa – a staged documentary about the group “Līvi “, informs the film’s producer Katrīna Smilga.

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Until now, Rūta Znotiņa’s film “Start all over again” premiered at short film festivals in Latvia, but the film has not been shown to a wider audience. This summer the work received the “RojaL” sympathy award of the Rojas film festival, the award of the “Patriarha Rudens” festival organized by the Latvian Academy of Culture as the best film and was entered into the “Short Riga Test Screening” program of the Riga International Film Festival.

The film was nominated for the National Film Award “Great Kristaps” in two categories: “Best Short Film” and “Best Student Film”.

The dream of the film’s protagonist Raimonds to become the guitarist of the rock group “Līvi” does not end. Already in his middle age, he is trying to achieve this by creating a video for “Liviem”. A relative, film directing student Ruta, gets involved and the drama has begun, the plot of the film is outlined by the producer.

On the premiere night of the film, visitors will be greeted with several surprises: there will be a photo booth where everyone can take a photo with the props used in the film, after the screening, visitors will have the opportunity to meet the creatives of the film team, actors, as well as experience the performance of the rock group “Līvi” and a party where music will be provided Uldis Rudak.

The film’s director is Rūta Znotiņa, a graduate of the Latvian Academy of Culture, for whom this film is her dissertation. The co-author of the screenplay is Emīls Pelīte, the cinematographer Ansis Landorfs, the editor Monta Bubuce, the costume designer and filmmaker Marta Madara Grantiņa, the make-up artist Linda Kolkovskis, the producer Katrīna Smilga. The main roles in the film are played by Kaspars and Rūta Znotiņi, Dzintra Bijubena, Andris Keišs, Ainars Virga and rock group “Līvi”.

Tickets for the premiere of the film can be purchased at the Music House “Daile” and at the ticket offices of “Bilešu Paradise”..

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