Director Uģis Brikmanis will be commemorated in a heartfelt concert in Neikenkalns

In memory of the outstanding Latvian director Uģis Brikmanis, a mood concert in the sky of August will take place in the Neikenkalns Nature Concert Hall. “

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August 16 at 16.00 In Dikļi – Neikenkalns nature concert hall of Kocēni region, in memory of the outstanding Latvian director Uģis Brikmanis, a mood concert “In the sky of August” will be performed.

The composer will take part in the concert Raimonds Tiguls, whose author’s music will intertwine with folk music melodies performed by singer Kristīne Kārkle-Kalniņa and kokletė Laima Jansone. Artistic director of the concert – Laima Jansone.

As part of the event, a mirror steel memorial plaque “Letter from Uģis” will be installed in the nature concert hall, which will also be a message from Uģis Brikmanis. The mirror of the plaque will symbolize the idea of ​​Uģis’ path of light, which goes with the people every day and every time events take place in the Neikenkalns Nature Concert Hall, the words expressed by Uģis Brikmanis will reflect articles by folk costumes of choirs and dancers, thus continuing his idea forever.

The author of the plate is the artist Ivars Mailītis, and its production is financed from the income obtained from the sale of tickets for the first concert “In the Sky in August” and deposited in the Uģis Brikmanis Foundation established by Kocēni municipality. The production of the plate was co-financed by Kocēni municipality.

The mood concert series “In the Sky in August” is planned as an annual event, honoring Uģis Brikmanis and his values, maintaining our common cultural heritage. The first concert in “August in the Sky”, which took place on August 24, 2019, was attended by musician, soloist of the group “The Sound Poets” Jānis Aišpurs, jazz singer Laura Polence and the Baltic musicians’ joint project “Three Rivers”, which brought together musicians Saulius Petreikis (Saulius Petreikis, Lithuania), Andre Maaker (Estonia) and Laima Jansone (Latvia).

Writer Imants Ziedonis and musicians – Renārs Kaupers, Raimonds Tigulis and Laima Jansone – “In the Sky of August” have been chosen as the theme and title song of the concert, which will also be performed at this year’s concert. It reflects the theme of the concert, which shows and highlights the contribution of Latvian culture and its personalities to Latvian literature and music.

Concert tickets can be purchased “Ticket Paradise” box offices, as well as at the box office of Kocēni municipality administration in Kocēni. Entrance ticket price: 5 euros.

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