Director Kren on “Freud”: “Vienna should be like our psyche”

In Marvin Kren’s eight-part TV series, Sigmund Freud is not yet the father of psychoanalysis, whom we all think we know. As a young doctor, he fought for recognition for his unconventional approaches in 1886 – a detective of the psyche who put people in hypnosis with his pocket watch. The first coproduction of ORF and Netflix paints an illustrious turn of the century Vienna with lust for the spoiled detail, including a mysterious series of murders, traumatized heroes and iron struggles for prestige. Freud is not afraid to combine the trivial with the profound, is at the same time a crude moral picture like a psychological thriller, horror film like an iridescent dream journey. A conversation with the director about the motifs of the series – opening with a double episode Sunday, 8.15 p.m., ORF 1.

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