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Director Enrico Mentana Clashes with Lilli Gruber: Company’s Response Awaited

“If the company does not intervene I will make the necessary decisions and consequences. ” The director of TgLa7 Enrico Mentana does not mince words after the clash with Lilli Gruber, who yesterday, after getting the line late for the program Otto e mezzo, accused her colleague, saying that “inconstancy is a bad thing”.

At the moment there are no answers from the leaders of La7, we will see tomorrow, the day the journalist intends to set up, whether the broadcaster wants to intervene to try to calm down back. The words that Gruber said yesterday at the beginning of the program caused the nose: “Welcome to 8.46 pm and not until half past eight – said the presenter -. And not even until half past eight after eight. Anarchy is a bad thing”.

The line passed several minutes late with the news, but this is certainly not the first time. In this case, however, the tone was raised and the journalist also targeted company directors for not leaving themselves from the words of his colleague, thus fueling rumors of a farewell complete with the Urbano Cairo network. “Last night we went a bit far with the news – Mentana said at the end of the evening news – it was a crucial, very important day: the prospect of peace in the Middle East, the tragedy of Casteldaccia, near Palermo. In addition, like every Monday, we had our polls and the post by Milena Gabanelli’s Data Room Like every Monday, we went a little long, I’m sorry for the viewers A little long, like which has been approved in advance by those who manage this network. “. Then the thriller: “Whoever followed us, Lilli Gruber, who had very unpleasant and offensive words towards me, I have been here for 14 years and I have not committed a crime on anyone. I would be grateful for both and that there was no silence in the company that has been. been with the story for 24 hours tomorrow we will see if there was anything, otherwise I will come to the necessary conclusions and consequences.”

What prompted the presenter’s response, which was not in today’s episode of Otto e mezzo to respond, seems to have been compounded by the intolerance shown by the host Corrado Augias, who ‘ had to do an interview at first a little postponed and then he went live, after waiting in the studio for more than an hour and a half. In the morning, Mentana’s answer arrived, showing a graph of the rating of his news program on Facebook. “From one to nine percent in half an hour – he wrote -. This is the curve of the audience, completely similar to those of the previous days, of Tgla7 last night, marked by important events and continuously updated. At that time, Tg was very surprisingly followed by a very insulting judgment of me by the host of the next program, who also benefits directly from that climbing curve. every evening”. Hence the reference to the network executives.

“Considering that no one so far among the senior management of La7 has felt the need to distance himself – he continued -. A small program, but very informative. At this point, I rightly distance myself from the rude ones. and the laziness.” The program has relaunched the rumors of a change of shirt for Enrico Mentana, which have already circulated in the past months, on the side of the Nove which, after Maurizio Crozza, Fabio Fazio and Amadeus to come, aiming to strengthen the information, even if he could already count on the collaboration with CNN. So there were rumors of interest in two big names La7 such as Giovanni Floris and Mentana, who was the news director, connected to the Cairo network until the end of 2024, denied it, explaining that he had never communicated with Discovery officials and that they have no plans to change networks.

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