Director Dmitry Petrenko’s “Monster” will premiere at Daile Theater / Article /

On October 9, director Dmitry Petrenko’s latest production “Monster” will be presented to the audience in the Small Hall of Daile Theater. At its heart is the relationship between an inexperienced teacher and a rebellious teenager, played by Gints Andžāns and Kārlis Arnolds Avots. The composition of the domestic young rapper Prusax especially enhances the perception of the world by the furry young man.

The play “Monster” by the British playwright Duncan McMillan tells about a topic that has also spread in modern Latvian society, namely, what to do and how to live with the so-called “difficult-to-raise young people”. The director of the production Dmitry Petrenko connects the theme of the play with the responsibility of society for the future of future generations.

“Somehow I wanted to look at the people who are growing up this time, the feeling that no one needs it,” explains the director.

The center of the play is Derrill. He does not attend classes, stands out with destructive behavior and asks annoying questions. The role of a complicated and incalculable teenager has been entrusted to the young actor of Daile Theater Kārlis Arnolds Avots, who still has a vivid memory of his own school time.

“Derrill, I think he is so unusual that he is balancing right now. Whether to become a lowly antisocial being or a high. We see just as well that he is not a jack who has fallen on his mouth and is not stupid. The question is, how can we as a society do? How can we help? ” judges the actor.

Gints Andžāns plays Derrill’s teacher Tom in the show. He says of the role: “This is a great test with tolerance, with patience, with the ability to adapt, persevere and be smarter. Do not go on a leash of provocation and grow. But this character is not ready for such a challenge and resistance. ”

The mood of the performance is strongly complemented by the music of the Latvian hip-hop artist Prusax.

As Kārlis Arnolds Avots notes: “Young people are currently listening to Prusax and in general new wave, and should not be ignored. Because the piece “First in the league” has almost a million views. That is the reality. ”

“Maybe we need to be as radical as those young people, teenagers, to start thinking about it, to hear it. Because I believe that this matter can be resolved somehow. I believe, because otherwise I would probably not make a show about it, ”notes director Dmitry Petrenko.

The performance was created by director Dmitrijs Petrenko, set designer Marija Ulmane, costume designer Baiba Litiņa, lighting artist Māra Malikova and music author Prusax.

Kārlis Arnolds Avots, Gints Andžāns, Anete Krasovska and Indra Birķe play in the show.

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