Entertainment Director Breeze has started filming his debut feature film...

Director Breeze has started filming his debut feature film “Banana in the River” The news


Director Breeze has started filming his debut feature film “Banana in the River”

Riga, July 16, LETA. Director Kristaps Brīze has started filming his debut feature film “Banana in the River”, which will be a summer story about a boat trip and adventures.

As the representatives of the film’s creative team informed LETA, the main roles in the new film will be played by Kaspars Dumburs, Toms Auniņš and 12-year-old Nestors Carjovs Krūmiņš. Filming will take place in Kurzeme, on the banks of the Irbe River and Abava, for the next two weeks.

The two characters in the film – Ralph and Linard – are different. They play their quest for masculinity in search of contact with both the teenager they brought with them and the women they met along the way. “Banana in the River” will be an adventure movie for the whole family.

The artist of the film is Toms Grīnbergs, who is known to the general public as a set designer for Regnārs Vaivars’ performances, but is also developing his career in the field of cinema. This will be the third feature film for the film’s cinematographer Mārcis Ābels, after the documentary film “Baltic Tribes” and the production film “Restless Minds”.

“Bananas in the River” is produced by Madara Melberga and the film is made with the support of the State Cultural Capital in the studio “FA Filma”, which previously produced director Juris Poškus “Kolka Cool” and Ieva Ozolins film festival “IDFA” laureate “Given Size My Mother”. The film on the screens can be expected in early 2021.


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