Directions from the TNI Commander to Handle the Spike in Corona Cases in Kudus


TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto Directly lead the surge handling meeting Corona (COVID-19) in District Holy, Central Java (Central Java). Hadi conveyed several directions to deal with the significant increase in positive cases of Corona there.

“The Regent and the Kudus District Health Office have a responsibility because currently 60 villages that have become red zones to become green again,” Hadi said in a written statement from the TNI Puspen, Sunday (6/6/2021).

Hadi reminded that the Corona surge handling system must be as good as possible. The Kodim commander (Dandim) and the local police chief were asked to assist the Kudus Regent.

“Of course it must have a good system. The Dandim and the Police Chief and his staff must help the Regent, so that a good system is formed in handling Covid-19 in Kudus,” continued Hadi.

Hadi then said that other districts in Central Java had implemented a thickening of the micro PPKM Task Force and optimizing the Micro PPKM post. For this reason, he requested that the implementation of the one village system, one micro PPKM post also occur in Kudus.

“Each village must have one micro PPKM post so that the red zone turns yellow and eventually becomes green. Its task is to enforce health protocols, assist and record PCR implementation, and immediately separate for isolation if it is confirmed positive,” explained Hadi.

Hadi then assessed that the condition of the Head of the Health Service and Plt Kadinkes Kudus who were confirmed positive for Corona showed the importance of public awareness. He asked for the implementation of health protocols to be carried out.

The meeting was also attended by National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, Head of BNPB Lt. Gen. Ganip Warsito, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and Kudus Regent HM Hartopo.

In addition, Pangkogabwilhan II Marsdya TNI Imran Baidirus, Pangdam IV/Diponegoro Maj. Gen. Rudianto, Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi and members of the Kudus Forkopimda participated in the meeting.

Asking Citizens Not Only To Be Objects, But Also Subjects Of Prokes Discipline

Hadi then continued to Pekalongan, Central Java. He asked the joint apparatus of the TNI-Polri and the local government not only to make residents the object of health protocol discipline enforcement (prokes).

“To the officers, so that the public should not only be the object of the health protocol discipline, but the public must also be the subject of the health protocol discipline,” he stressed.

Hadi meant that the apparatus must also implement a strategy so that awareness about the importance of prokes grows from within the citizens themselves. “In a sense, the public must have full awareness that the discipline of health protocol is a necessity that must be carried out,” he explained.

Hadi then led the deployment of the COVID-19 Task Force thickening force. From the TNI element, the rally was attended by 100 soldiers from Kodim 0710/Pekalongan, 75 soldiers from Battalion 406/SK.

Meanwhile, from the Police, 30 members of the Brimob Battalion of Pioneers and 60 members of the Pekalongan Police took part in this rally. Not only that, the apple was also attended by 137 local government employees from the Department of Transportation to health workers.

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