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The microbiologist López Goñi believes that “what has to worry here and now is the Delta variant, the dominant one”

The microbiologist from the University of Navarra Ignacio López Goñi has considered that, given that “little is still known”, the “excessive alarm” about the omnicrom variant of the covid is not justified and, in this sense, he has affirmed that “what we has to worry here and now it is the Delta variant, which is the dominant one. “

In an interview with Onda Vasca, collected by Europa Press, the expert has stated that he is surprised by “the mass hysteria” that has been generated with the appearance of Omnicrom, a variant that “accumulates an enormous number of mutations” that until now had not been detected in other variants, but whose effect has still been unknown.

Given that “little is known” about this new variant and that “all hypotheses are open”, he believes that “this excessive alarm is not justified” and has recalled that, in fact, the first reports from South Africa suggest that “it has affected in young people, not vaccinated, the symptoms are mild “.

In any case, he has warned that you have to get used to the fact that “the virus continues to evolve, it continues to mutate”, so it is important to continue with vaccination and preventive measures against its spread. “What we have to worry about here and now is the Delta variant, which is the dominant one,” he pointed out.


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