DIRECT. Coupe de France: Sedan – Angers, the Sco is aiming for the quarter-finals. Sport

Since (N2), which hosts Angers (L1) Wednesday in the round of 16 French Cup, has a great opportunity to find the light more than a decade after his heyday, according to Cédric Mionnet, the former Sedan striker, who still lives in the Ardennes. The rejuvenated group of Sco, him, also aims the quarters despite a complicated period.

The Boars, which evolve in National 2 (4th division) for the fourth consecutive season, are indeed trying to find the professional world left after filing for bankruptcy in 2013 which marked the end of a golden era that began 15 years earlier.

In 1998, Sedan won its accession to League 2, and the following season was going to be even more unforgettable with an unexpected rise in League 1 and a Coupe de France final, lost to Nantes (1-0) despite the support of more than 25,000 supporters and the presence of its mascot, laie Césarine.

With the final of the Coupe de France, we woke up the old ones and with Ligue 1, we woke up the young people, it was impressive and it made a nice mix. This period was very strong, the audience was fantastic, we felt the love of the people, explains Cédric Mionnet to AFP.

Sedan would then experience four consecutive top-flight seasons marked by two European appearances in the Intertoto Cup and the UEFA Cup.

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“A bunch of friends”

We managed this incredible journey because we were a bunch of friends, simple and humble. In L1, we were not afraid of anyone, we were completely uninhibited. For us, it was not a job, we satisfied our passion. The notion of pleasure really made sense, remembers Cédric Mionnet.

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The former striker, now 46 years old, has fond memories of his time in the Ardennes… where he returned at the end of his career to begin his retraining.

I quit at the end of a last season with Tours in the spring of 2006. We went from National to L2 and they offered me a year of contract. I was disappointed because I did not have the possibility to show my qualities so I decided to stop, tells AFP the native of Montreuil-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais).

In the wake of this decision, he received a phone call that would change his fate: the director general of the Ardennes County Council, who wanted a former high-level athlete at the head of the Sports department, offered to hire him. .

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“From the lawn to the carpet”

I was surprised and happy to be contacted. It scared me a little at first because I didn’t know if I would have the skills, underlines the former striker. So I went from the lawn to the carpet, without transition!

The adventure has been going on for almost 15 years and Cédric Mionnet is now responsible for managing the Departmental Sports Center and two leisure centers.

I was afraid that they would take me just for my name, but I soon realized that was not the case. I owe a lot to the community, it allowed me to evolve and I will always be grateful to it., he explains.

The former striker has kept a link with the CCSA since he voluntarily coaches team 2 of the U15s, a way of give back to the club all that he gave me. And he sees his former teammates at least once a year, in memory of those beautiful years in Sedan.

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Holder of the football coach diploma (DEF), Cédric Mionnet could train up to the National level. In Sedan? I don’t run after this, it’s not a dream, even if I don’t close the door, he slips with a smile.

For Cédric Mionnet, if the club wants to reconnect with its glorious past, we have to start from the base, training, because we have an interesting pool and we do not have the means to recruit. This is how the club will be able to find its place, which is at least in L2.


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