Diplomacy: Beijing sends a “wolf” to the United States

The wolf has arrived in the fold. On Wednesday July 28, 2021, Qin Gang, China’s new ambassador to the United States, landed in Washington. He will decide with his predecessor Cui Tiankai, in the friendly and polite tone of the “classic” diplomat. The future 55-year-old ambassador will be a bit more aggressive. Not surprisingly, Qin Gang is one of the “wolf fighters”, these new ambassadors who do not mince their words in the face of a West deemed hostile to Beijing, and who relays without filter the directives of Master Xi.

Born in Tianjin, a large city south of Beijing, this graduate in international relations rose through the ranks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Between 2005 and 2014, then spokesperson, he was nicknamed “Gang the warrior” for the hostile tone he adopted in the face of foreign journalists. In 2018, he became Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. His credo: China has no lessons to learn from the West which oppressed it during the opium war in the 19th centurye century.

Total loyalty to Xi Jinping

Qin Gang is not just anybody, he is the “leader of the pack” of fighting wolves. His orders are clear: get up and say no. Those who don’t are “bad wolves”. His loyalty to Xi Jinping is total. The elegant diplomat, regularly dressed in an anthracite jacket with a Mao collar, is close to the president, whom he regularly accompanies abroad.

Its virulence recalls Lu Shaye, the Chinese ambassador in Paris, who accused the employees of nursing homes of letting the elderly die in April 2020. The appointment of Qin Gang in the United States is a strong signal. Xi Jinping intends to stand firm vis-à-vis his great rival, and show his fangs.



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