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Present at the Dresden Marriage Fair for the Catholic Church (from left to right): Stephan Schubert, Claudia Leide, Dr. Daniela Pscheida-Überreiter.

05 October 2022

a report by Claudia Leide, head of the partnership, family and lifestyle department

Dresden. After the cancellation of crown-related wedding fairs in recent years, a YESwort wedding fair took place in the grounds of the Dresden Exhibition Center on 1 and 2 October. It was evident from the numerous exhibitors who were eagerly awaiting this event with all its facets, contact possibilities and opportunities for their offerings in the vast field of wedding preparations.

It was the same for us: our team of pastoral department employees, who were new or already several times at our “Heart.Hand.Head. – For life in two “were there, waiting for many meetings with couples with our slightly different offer. A fair” has “a special atmosphere: the exhibitors themselves form something like a large family, connected by collaboration among the stands We are also a part of this, we are “on the name” with many, because that’s just the way it goes.

Be perceived as a church

It already starts here that we as a church are perceived, seen and respected with our completely different offer: an enrichment in the multitude of wedding dresses, locations, free wedding speakers, singers and much more. The wedding fair is a “different place” where we are exactly right. Again and again we explain to couples with questioning faces that the two toothbrushes in our booth design cup are in collaboration for everyday life and our displays, letters and raffle tickets make it clear that it doesn’t take long to bring ” fresh breath “in our relationships to bring what all couples desire after marriage.

The fact that we as Church represent the “relationship”, we rejoice with couples and our offers strengthen and encourage their journey as a couple, is welcomed with joy, surprised and at the same time moved. One conversation follows another, with a radio interview in between, because the fair management thinks it’s so good that we’re at it. And it is really nice to hear through the ether: “And here is the Catholic Church, the diocese of Dresden Meißen, which is also present at the wedding fair …!”

Exhausted and satisfied

Catholic couples who want to marry can be counted on one side, few others who are Protestants and still others where one partner is Catholic, the other is without religious affiliation, they gather over the course of the days. Most of them are “normal”, that is, without any connection with religion or church. Couples of women or men also arrive and are all approachable in their desire for a relationship that lasts. Everyone understands what it means and they know that it is not easy to do, but a gift.

Isn’t God knocking on the door in disguise? Our team is convinced of this and is happy to send the knocking signals. He has no other hands than ours … – so goes a prayer. At the end of the day we are always both: totally exhausted and totally fulfilled. And we are sure: we will be back!


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