Dinosaur remains may be from the largest animal that ever walked the earth – Wel.nl

The remains of a titanosaurus unearthed several years ago in Patagonia may belong to an animal even larger than the largest dinosaur known to date, paleontologists now say.

In northwestern Patagonia, in the Neuquén province, a collection of bones from the sauropod, a dinosaur species with extremely long necks, tails and large round legs, has been found. The herbivores are the largest land animals that have ever existed.

The newly surfaced bone remains, about which paleontologists write in a professional journal Cretaceous Research, are thought to come from an unknown population of Patagonian sauropods.

The new species “is considered one of the largest ever found, probably larger than the Patagotitan,” the researchers write. Paleontologists discovered remains of the Patagotitan in 2013, which probably weighed 60,000 kilograms and was more than 31 meters long. The bones that have now been found would therefore belong to an animal that is even larger.

The sauropods are widespread. Fossils have surfaced on every continent on Earth, even Antarctica. The largest animal that ever lived remains the blue whale, which can reach a length of 33.5 meters and a weight of 173 tons.

Bron (nen): The Independent


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