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Shanghai’s “Yiichi.com” visited the cultural relics experts of the Forbidden City in Beijing. It was very interesting to see the emperor’s tastes and historical changes from the menu in the palace, and even the socio-economic situation at that time.

The most prosperous Qing Dynasty was the Qianlong period, with abundant national power and many activities in the palace, which was particularly lively. Qianlong lived a long life and respected himself and others. He would hold a “thousand old banquet” in the palace, and invite meritorious officials and social elites to have a meal in the Forbidden City. “Old man” was an old man. At that time, his life was short, and he was over sixty-five years old, and he was eligible to eat Qianlong Qianlong’s banquet. Calculating this way, I will be “old man” next year.

The Qianlong Qianlong Feast held more than 800 seats. It consumed 750 catties of flour and 12 taels, 36 catties of sugar and 2 taels, 100 catties of eggs, 10 catties of sesame oil and 2 taels, 10 catties of sweet sauce, and 5 taels of white salt. Jin, 1700 jin of pork, 850 ducks, 850 chickens, and 1700 knuckles (yuan hoof). And so on, in such a huge pile of numbers, even Jin and Yan remember meticulous, well-organized. For so many people to have a meal together, the most convenient way is to eat hot pot, so the feast of thousands of old people is also a hot pot feast. The hot pot materials are gold, silver, copper, wax gold and silver, pin enamel, painted enamel, and porcelain. Hot pots of different materials also represent different identities. The rankings at the banquet are divided into three categories, with gold pots for first-class tables, silver pots for second-class tables, and copper pots for third-class tables. Eating with the emperor is actually eating pot.

When the emperor ate, he would reward the queen concubine with vegetables. What kind of dishes he would appreciate. It can also be seen that the emperor’s eccentricity, likes, shark fin bird’s nest, and dislikes, green vegetables and carrots. Once Qianlong was about to abolish, the dishes for the empress changed from the usual dried meat, bird’s nest duck, to vinegared cabbage, fried tempeh, and the quality went down. Within a few days, the emperor announced the empress was abolished. Why the fireworks in the world are so important is because life always rises in fireworks, regardless of whether you are the people or the emperor.


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