Dināra Rudāne delights people with a video in which her less than two-year-old daughter walks in high-heeled shoes – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

Rudāne posted footage of Miriama Amira on the Instagram website, getting into the musician’s shoes and walking around the house.

“Miriam Amira is one year and 10 months old,” the musician wrote on the video. It can be heard in the shots that Rudāne cannot keep laughing about her daughter’s fashion show.

The video earned a lot of recognition among the musician’s followers – many women started to comment on it. Musicians Patrisha and Kaspars Zlidnis also left their comments on the video.

“So small and walking on heels better than me!”, “It’s so high pilotage!”, “Every girl’s dream – to walk in mom’s shoes and understand how it is,” “We look forward to fashion shows soon!” – There were some comments to be read at the video.

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