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The Riga “Dinamo” team in the regular championship of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) in the match on Friday away 1: 5 gave way to the Chelyabinsk “Traktor” team.

“Dinamo” gave up 1: 5 (1: 3, 0: 1, 0: 1) to the guests, experiencing the seventh loss in a row. David Levin scored the goal for the Riga club.

Although the team’s ranks have been supplemented by an experienced goalkeeper Aleksandrs Lazušins, the game “Dinamo” in the “fortress” was started by Ēriks Vītols, who made his KHL debut in Minsk in the previous game.

At the beginning of the match, the puck was mostly in the Riga defense zone, but the first goal was scored by the guests. In the sixth minute of the match, two opponents were masterfully played by Levins, who with the awkward side of the stick grip sent the puck into the goal – 1: 0 in favor of “Dinamo”.

The people of Riga were not in the lead for a long time, because in the middle of the first period, in the 11th minute, Artjoms Švarjovs used “Dinamo” for error protection, slipped one against Vītols and meta puck in the net – 1: 1. In the penultimate minute of the period, the Dynamians received a cold shower, scoring two goals in the numerical majority.

First, while the home team played during the suspended penalty, three Rigans did not deal with Vyacheslav Osnovich in front of the goal, but then six seconds later Sergei Telegin threw the puck out of his zone and it failed to reach the goal. After the third goal, Lazušin replaced Vītols.

In the 36th minute, Igors Polegalovs defeated the “Dinamo” goalkeeper for the first time, first “handling” the goalkeeper’s discarded in the air by hand, but then sending it into the goal with a stick. The judge, after watching the video replay, found the goal gain to be allowed within the limits of the rules.

The fifth goal was scored in the visitors’ goal, when Artjoms Švarjovs put Pontus Obergs one-on-one with the goalkeeper with an excellent pass, who played the goalkeeper with a shot on the right side over the foot guard.

In the 50th minute, Lazušin saved the team in excellent style after Vitaly Kravtsov’s shot from the front of the goal.

The home side had several more great scoring opportunities, but Lazušin got in the way of the puck.

Once, the puck was still in his goal, but it was recorded in the video replay that it happened after the end of the game signal.

Riga “Dinamo” with seven points in 15 games takes the last place in the KHL championship, while “Traktor” with 30 points accumulated in 22 matches can be found in the fourth position in the Eastern Conference.

After visiting Chelyabinsk, the people of Riga still have to stop in Yekaterinburg, Nursultan, after which they are expected to return to Latvia.


Published Oct 30, 2020


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