Diletta Leotta on a boat on Lake Como with Marco Valta

Marco Valta it is a name that, to the most attentive, will not be unknown. The man next to Diletta Leotta, Photo by Chi on a boat with the presenter on a Sunday trip to Lake Como with her friend Rossella Fiamingo and to his coach, he is in fact an entrepreneur who has already met the limelight and not for his entrepreneurial merits. Or rather, not only for these.

In the past of this entrepreneur with a prestigious curriculum, there has already been a well-known face of showbiz italiano: Anna Safroncik, who had then entered into a relationship, closed the one with Power, just with the ex of Beloved, Matteo Mammì. After the attempts of rapprochement between her and the boxer Daniele Scardina (competitor of the next edition of Dancing with the stars), for the Leotta it’s time for change.

Marco Valta, who is the man next to Diletta Leotta

Making the Power, his training is rigorous: degree in Economics from the University of Trieste, Master a Berkeley in the United States in what is the oldest Californian college. Scrolling through his profile on the best known professional network, Linkedin, shows a solid experience in the specialization sector and the consolidation of his professionalism as venture capitalist a figure who finances start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, investing in their success.

In fact, among the information reported, we read that: “As an internet investor, Marco has a portfolio of more than 100 companies including Airbnb, Prima, Soldo, Snap, Appnexus, Skipthedishes, Revolut, Bolt, Flexport, Space X, Brex, Fabfitfun, Cloudkitchens, Rebag, Raya ”. A succinct but effective presentation of the type of business carried out by the entrepreneur.

The projects launched by Marco Valta

As for the professional aspect, it is the most accurate and revealing thing on social media Marco Valta. its Instagram his profile is closed and, apart from the profile picture, there are no interesting photos before the shot published by Chi who portrays him next to the journalist and presenter of DAZN. Also Facebook does not disclose details, details or other related to the entrepreneur. There are very few interviews, and almost always dedicated to the reference sector or travel, which can be consulted on Web and very thematic on start-ups financed and promoted as part of its activities.

VIRGILIO SPORT | 16-09-2020 16:51


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