Diletta Leotta, comment on Crotone-Juventus: “Congratulations to Stroppa”, then he applauds Napoli

Juventus drew 1-1 against Crotone, Diletta Leotta made some interesting considerations to DAZN microphones.

A sparkling one Diletta Leotta commented on Juventus’ draw on the Crotone pitch. Here are his remarks to DAZN microphones: “Crotone won the first point of their championship against the reigning Italian champions. It must be said that Juventus had many absentees and had not played for 20 days. The Chiesa game lasted only 60 minutes due to the expulsion. This is a record in Serie A, in fact he is the first player to be sent off on his debut with a new team. “

Diletta Leotta then continued: “But there are many merits for Crotone, to underline the great work done by Stroppa since last season, the Calabrians have shown great personality”. Leotta then also mentioned the victory of Napoli against Atalanta at the San Paolo stadium: “Today we must report the beautiful victory of Napoli against Atalanta”, said the wonderful host of DAZN.

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