Digital Scanner Results of the Mummy of Pharaoh Amenhotep I, This Egyptian King Turns Out to be Circumcised

KAIROPharaoh’s mummy Amenhotep I, which was preserved about 3,500 years ago, turns out to have many surprising and amazing secrets. From the results of digital scans using 3D computed tomography (CT) technology, scientists got interesting facts from Raja Egypt who ruled for these 21 years in the years around 1525 and 1504 BC.

The digital scan was carried out by radiology scientists at the Cairo University School of Medicine and published in the journal Frontiers in Medicine, Tuesday, December 28, 2021. The scan results are both surprising and impressive as they provide details about the appearance and luxury of the jewelery worn during the burial of Amenhotep I.

Dr Sahar Saleem, professor of radiology at the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University, said this was the first time to reveal the secrets of the pharaohs without unwrapping the mummy. This digital scan obtained detailed data on the figure of Pharaoh Amenhotep I and the various jewels buried with him.

“Amenhotep I was about 35 years old when he died. He is about 169 cm (5 feet 6 inches) tall, has good teeth, and is circumcised,” said Dr Sahar Salem, quoted by SINDOnews from theguardian page, Tuesday (12/28/2021).

He said the fact that Amenhotep I had very fine teeth was a testament to how amazing the mummification process was. Not only are the teeth preserved, even the small bones in the ear are preserved.

“The mummy’s body is well preserved. Undoubtedly, Amenhotep It’s teeth are well preserved. Many royal mummies had bad teeth, but Amenhotep I had good teeth,” he said. (Read also; How to Preserve Pharaoh’s Mummies and Types of Balm Used )

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The research team has found the brain of Amenhotep I was intact, unlike other Egyptian kings including Tutankhamun and Ramses II. “The innards have been removed from the mummy, but not the brain or heart,” added Dr Sahar Saleem.

Dr Sahar Saleem of Cairo University scanned the mummy. Photo/University of Cairo

In the mummy wrapping the body of Amenhotep I wore 30 amulets and a unique gold bodice with gold beads. Researchers hope to find evidence of how Amenhotep I died for further research. “We did not find any injuries or disabilities due to the disease that caused his death,” said Dr Sahar Saleem.

From the results of this scan, scientists got a detailed description of the figure of Amenhotep I. Dr Sahar Saleem said, Amenhotep I had a narrow chin, small nose, and curly hair. Physically similar to his father, Ahmose I.

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