Digital marketing interview with Sabine and Nicolas

Today guests at nuboRadio Sabine Maas from ILAC Consulting and Nicolas Wandschneider from Cloudbridge. In the counter talk they give us insights about the Thema digitales Marketing, the need behind it and what a digital ego is all about. Look forward to a really interesting episode with ideas and the direct implementation behind it.

Digital Marketing

As “digital marketing” the complete planning and implementation of all Marketing measures that take place digitally, designated. Here, too, it makes sense to develop a strategy and plan the project over a longer period of time. The success will not be visible overnight, here you need a little patience and you should consider a period of at least 3-6 months until you can see whether the campaign has made a difference or not.

This year in particular it was very nice to see how important strategic action is in terms of marketing and that you should always stick with it. The implementation is more like a marathon and not a sprint.

Digital Ego

The switch to digital and home office was a completely new experience for many. Now there was a camera and headset instead of a face-to-face contact. Here everyone must first find their own direction and dare to turn on the webcam and, if necessary, reveal their workplace. Not so easy for many. It is all the more important to switch off your “ego” and just approach the whole thing openly and with fun. Everything doesn’t always have to be perfect around you. Everyone is different and has different abilities and, as we all know, humans are “creatures of habit”. So don’t try to be perfect in front of the screen, but be authentic, real and human!

New “Digital” ways go and not be afraid of it. In 2020 companies were really “forced” to “reinvent” themselves, to bring creative ideas to market in order to remain competitive. Video and audio suddenly took on a whole new meaning and many companies saw this as an opportunity to upgrade their hardware and show what is possible. Such as the project at the ILAC company, which designed a kind of podcast mini-series. Here the participants were able to listen to the individual “sound nuggets” distributed throughout the day and chat and exchange ideas together in the evening. This enabled new business contacts to be made and the missing trade fairs to some extent could be made up for.

At Cloudbridge, for example, the digital world was used to solve a CSI crime from home in a team. A brilliant idea to let the team work together and have fun doing it. That was published on a social media platform and there is already movement. Commenting, liking or sharing such posts is the modern form of word of mouth.

So as you can see, you just have to have ideas, break new ground and keep reinventing yourself to stay on the ball. Because a standstill, especially in the digital world, can be devastating and will not get you anywhere.

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