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Last year, the New York Times Company again recorded growth in its digital offering, breaking the five million subscriber mark for the first time. President and CEO Mark Thompson announced this at a staff meeting on Tuesday. Annual digital revenue also surged over $ 800 million for the first time, a year ahead of schedule. In 2015, this value was around 400 million US dollars. The main reason for the record result are the more than one million digital subscriptions that the newspaper gained last year. This is the highest number since the digital model was introduced in 2011.

Since August 2018, the New York Times has also been selling subscriptions around the world for just one dollar a week. These are now gradually becoming more expensive. The five million subscribers are spread over the digital news offer with around 3.4 million subscriptions, the print edition with almost 900,000 subscribers, 600,000 for the puzzle edition NOW Crossword and 300,000 for the prescription offer NOW Cooking.

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