Digital Chastity Belt Can Be Hacked: Men Will Not …

An electronic device intended as a sort of chastity belt for men can be hacked due to a flaw in the security system. The device can be locked remotely, trapping the male user’s genitals, researchers warn.

Cellmate, developed by the Chinese company Qiui, is a kind of cage in which a man can slide his genitals. The appliance can then be shut down. The control over this locking is only done with Bluetooth or via an application on the smartphone. So there is no physical key or no possibility to arrange this manually.

The device is mainly sold as a sex toy for men who are submissive to their partner.

Physical unlock

But researchers from Pen Test Partners (PTP), a UK-based security organization, have revealed several vulnerabilities in the locking system. “We found that hackers can remotely prevent the Bluetooth lock from opening, trapping the user’s genitals in the device. No physical unlocking is possible ”, it sounds.

According to the organization, then only “a grinding wheel or other suitable tool” can be used to free the user’s member.

In addition, there are other holes in the system, which allow hackers to gain access to users’ personal data. PTP says Qiui was notified of the findings back in April. Most problems have now been solved by adjustments to the software, but the users of the older versions remain vulnerable, or so it sounds.

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