Digital career trends in Indonesia are on the rise, Jooble invests US$1 million in JayJay

HALLO.ID – Careers in the digital field in Indonesia are now increasingly promising. Especially with presence JayJay, to boot edtech.

Presence JayJay in Indonesia has the potential to produce candidates with the best qualifications in the digital field.

No wonder then Jobl no hesitation in investing $1 million in an initial funding round JayJay. Investment from Jobl it will help JayJay develop the business and expand the reach of marketing.

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Financing agreement Jobl for JayJay they themselves become part of the program Jobl Adventure workshop. Jobl Venture Lab is a startup studio of job aggregators Jobl.

Jobl itself is one of the largest job search sites active in 69 countries. In Indonesia, Jobl also active with more than 1 million monthly users.

The deal does Jobl participate in the capital JayJay. In addition to funding, JayJay will receive support from Jobl in marketing and technology, especially in the area of ​​data science.

Jobl predicts that Indonesia will become a country with the highest need for digital professionals in the coming years.

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