“Digestive System and Colon Cancer Risk: 5 Foods Doctors Advise to Avoid”

Doctors warn 5 foods that affect the digestive system colon cancer risk It is advisable to consume in small amounts, do not eat often.

The Department of Medical Services reveals information that Thailand has the third highest number of colorectal cancer patients in males and second in females, according to National Cancer Institute statistics. 15 cases per year, 5,476 cases per year, and there are 44 new cases per day, 15,939 cases per year.

The fresh news team will reveal 5 foods that are at risk of colon cancer by Dr. Chen Xinmei, a family physician at Zhongshan Hospital, revealing that there is a study that found that 5 common foods can affect the entire digestive system with a warning to reduce the consumption ratio

1. Food resulting from food preservation. Many people who like to eat pickles often find that the taste is especially good. However, preserved foods often contain nitrites in the form of salt during pickling or processing of processed meat products. can cause cancer and chronic disease

2. Cooking at high heat for a long time, such as grilling until charred, fried food and high fat food. Very high temperatures will cause the transformation of starch or other proteins. It was also found that four types of carcinogens may escape during the cooking process, such as polycyclicaromatic hydrocarbons, isocyclic amines, soluble dioxins. and nitrosamines

3. Foods that grow easily moldy, such as beans. Sometimes people buy large buckets of nuts or dried food to save money. If stored improperly, it will become moldy. which can damage the liver and intestines

4. Alcohol, cigarettes contains carcinogenic substances which can easily cause inflammation in the body stimulate the digestive system and induce colon cancer.

5. High sugar sweets A study of more than 30,000 people in the United States found that If adolescents drank sugary drinks and consumed 5% more fructose, the likelihood of developing adenomas of all cells or tissues increased by 17%, which is estimated. There was a 30% increase in the development of high-risk tumors.

Dr. Chen Xinmei gave an example of a patient’s medical case. The student’s mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer in her 40s. She was somewhat confused. because there is no family medical history of cancer Instead, she consumed barbecued foods, pickled foods, and fried foods, so it was assumed that her tumors might have accumulated. The result of eating these unhealthy foods for a month.

Colorectal cancer also occurs in people who are at risk from having a family history of colorectal cancer. People who have previously detected an adenoma of colon polyps Or treating chronic inflammatory bowel disease, which is currently screened by the method of detecting latent blood in the stool (Fecal Immunochemical Test: FIT).

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