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Just as different hockey clubs fit different hockey players and different soccer shoes fit different soccer players, so too do the gaming world. Many people have carefully selected mice, keyboards, mouse pads, but are sometimes unaware of how big a difference a good gaming screen can do. If you are still sitting with an old screen that you inherited from your big brother ten years ago, you will get a shock when you switch to a modern screen. Monitors today work in a completely different way than they did when your brother bought his monitor. The resolution is generally much higher and you get a much better picture thanks to this.

Newer screens also have a significantly higher refresh rate than older screens. Many of the older screens are 60 Hz, while today it is becoming more and more popular with 244+ Hz. This means that what you see in front of you on the screen is updated faster than it does on an old screen. For example, if you play an FPS like Counter-Strike or Apex Legends, you will see the opponents coming around a corner much faster. Also games like The Last Of Us there will be a big difference in game quality if you use a better screen. You thus get a real advantage if the opponent is sitting with a 60 Hz screen. This difference applies and is important for all games to different degrees. Today, there are even racing drivers who practice by playing at a screen and it would not have been possible with a worse screen.

Different screens are better suited to different games

The differences mentioned above are the ones that are generally important when choosing a screen. Then of course it is also the case that some features are more important for gamers of one game compared to another. Some games do not require as high a refresh rate as Counter-Strike and other games where you have to react so quickly. If it is mainly Counter-Strike you are playing, the update frequency should be something you attach great importance to. It is also generally recommended for CS players not to have too large a screen. Compare that to the gamers who primarily play racing games. Instead, they want as large a screen as possible. They also want a high refresh rate.

The popularity of e-sports is increasing, and today even SVT has its own e-sports editorial staff. If there is something you want to invest in, it is important that you have the gear required to be the best. You may not be able to afford to start with the absolute best, but look around and look for screens that suit your needs. There are many good screens that do not have to cost too much.

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