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KOMPAS.com – When buying sebuh cell phone or laptop Of course, prospective buyers must pay attention to the specifications. Such as camera quality, battery, and memory. One of the things that most customers pay attention to is generally about memory capacity.

The types of memory in laptop and HP specifications are divided into two, namely main memory (main memory).RAM) and a storage medium called ROM. Sometimes for some users, RAM and ROM are still a question.

Although it looks similar, RAM and ROM have different functions and roles on mobile phones. What you need to know about these two types of memory, in full, here is an explanation from KompasTekno.

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Random Access Memory (RAM)

Literally RAM itself is temporary memory storage when the laptop or cellphone is being used. RAM is useful as the main memory that stores data from programs that are run.

Data that is no longer running will be cleaned from main memory and the space can be used for other applications.

If the memory is full, then the application must use the space in the memory alternately so that the phone’s performance will decrease or what users call “Slow”, especially when switching applications.

Therefore, the greater the RAM capacity, the more program data that can be accommodated so that the performance of the cellphone or laptop when running various applications simultaneously will increase.

RAM itself has properties volatile which means the data in it cannot be stored permanently. The data will be deleted if the power supply is cut off because the battery runs out or the device is turned off.

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Read Only Memory (ROM)

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ROM is a memory component that is useful for storing programs on laptops and computers smartphone. This ROM is useful for storing various things file. Like file music, pictures and videos.

Unlike RAM, when the device is off, ROM still stores data on the cellphone or laptop. ROM is usually an eMMC/UFS flash memory chip which is embedded in the mainboard separately from the Soc.

ROM has a similar role to hard drive/SSD on a computer that stores program data and user documents. ROM usually refers to a special partition on the internal media (root) filled firmware device operating system and is protected so that it is not freely writable.

However, the ROM area on the internal media can still be rewritten by flashing, to be filled with the modified operating system. The term ROM is often used for the type of storage that is programmed to no longer be written to other data so that it can only be read (read only).

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RAM and storage specifications are generally written together. The RAM generally has a smaller number. For example, “8 GB / 128 GB” which means that the phone or laptop has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage

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