Differences between POCO F4 and POCO F3, Android Phones Claimed to be Flagship Killers

Fahmi Bagas

Hands on POCO F4 which will soon be released in Indonesia at the end of June 2022.

Nextren reporter, Fahmi Bagas . report

Nextren.comLITTLE F4 GT is the latest HP series to launch as a successor to POCO F3 which was introduced last year.

Present as a successor, POCO F4 still packs the same Snapdragon 870 chipset performance as its predecessor.

But don’t worry, there is the difference between POCO F4 and POCO F3 which is claimed to be an improvement in the HP series flagship killer the.

Therefore, this time Nextren will share what segments differentiate between POCO F4 and POCO F3.

Difference between POCO F4 and POCO F3

1. Operating System and MIUI

The first thing that makes the difference between POCO F4 and POCO F3 is the operating system and MIUI which were brought first.

At the time of the initial launch, POCO F3 still carried the Android 11 operating system in collaboration with MIUI 12.5.

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