Did you use glitch to make money in GTA Online? Rockstar is going to ban you

When the players of a title with online features find a glitch to gain experience or, in this precious case, money, the developers only put a patch that saves the error. Rockstar does the opposite and is removing trailers and characters from many accounts of GTA Online.

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For a few days there are in GTA Online something called ‘apartment glitch’ where players can collect large sums of money very quickly. Many users took advantage of the error in the game to amass themselves a good fortune. In response, Rockstar is doing clean up accounts.

The twitter account dedicated to revealing news about the games of Rockstar Games, revealed that the accounts of those players who took advantage of the glitch of the GTA Online.

Sure, there are various degrees of punishment, if you did not abuse the glitch, they only erased money, but, if you went crazy and got too much profit, surely they already took your account from GTA Online or they erased your progress and your character.

Although it seems like an extreme measure on the part of Rockstar Games, it is a recurring activity that happens over and over again within GTA Online.

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Did you take advantage of the glitch? You already knew they could get you out of GTA Online

As we already mentioned, it is not the first time that something like this has happened within GTA Online, even many players who have been sent off before in the game of Rockstar Games, they return to repeat the process of abusing and being banned again.

For the moment, the glitch is still there, so we recommend you not to fall, no matter how juicy the opportunity to make easy money looks in a game that invites you to do just that.

It is likely that Rockstar Games is supported by the fine print of the user agreements where it says that if you go smart in GTA Online, you will end up paying dearly for your daring to their system and they will expel you from the game.



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