Did you miss Timati’s buns … Egor Creed returns to Black Star?

The artist is ready to “break” the competition for the track with Timati.

The former artist of the label Black Star has released a new track, where he “outlined” his goals for the future.

The track, entitled “a matter of a few minutes,” is part of the hip-hop contest – “17 Independent Battle”.

It is attended by variegated and motley rap artists for the right to win money and, according to the participants themselves, “record a concert with the Black Star participants”.

In the track of Yegor Creed, the lines sound quite seriously:

“But the goal is clear to me, not for filka [деньги] and places

I came to pick up feat [совместку] with Black Star representative »

According to previous rumors, Creed and Timati parted not in a very negative note – Yegor allegedly refused to renew the contract due to “bestial conditions”, and Timur did not want to give the Egor Creed trademark to Bulatkin (the rapper’s real name).

Did Bulatkin miss Timati? Or, by his buns, and the franchise as a whole, which brought a lot of money?

However, after Creed said, the fans had the hope that the artists had reconciled, or, at least, Yegor would like this. It is possible that he does not let go of the thought of the long-awaited return to the “creative bosom” of the “Black Star”.


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