Did you know ? Patricia Kaas had a love affair with a married man

This December 5, Patricia Kaas celebrates her 55th birthday. On this occasion, Gala looks back on his famous love story with a married man.

Patricia Kaas, the mistress of a married man. The famous French singer and actress celebrates her 55th birthday this Sunday, December 5. Over the years, the performer of the title My man had different love stories. Despite the ups and downs, she managed to blossom on a sentimental level as she told the magazine Retro in 2017.

“I have lived love stories, some of them lasted several years … and shorter ones”Said Patricia Kaas at the time. Before remembering these relations with “Cyril Prieur, who has since been my best friend and one of my two managers ” or Yannick Alléno, “with who [elle] kept a real tenderness. “ Unfortunately, the singer did not only have pretty romantic encounters. A story with a married man in particular marked him. This billionaire who promised me wonders, came to pick me up in a private jet (…) How stupid I was!had she been annoyed before remembering: “He made love very well!” But that was not a sufficient asset to continue this relationship.

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Patricia Kaas: an ex claims a pension after their separation

Among the incredible love stories of Patricia Kaas, there is the one with Philippe Bergman, a Belgian singer. The two artists fell madly in love in the 90s. Quickly, they moved in together. The break was not long in coming. Very much in love, the 55-year-old singer struggled with their separation but also because of “all the crap possible” that he made her. Her ex asked her for a pension. An improbable story that ended in court. Patricia Kaas is now very discreet about her love life.

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