Did the “New York Times” congratulate Macron for his management of the Covid-19 crisis?

Question asked by LORIÉBAT on 06/09/2020


Your question refers directly to an article from BFMTV, entitled “The New York Times congratulates Macron for his management of the coronavirus and tackles the ingratitude of the French».

The site of the continuous news channel is based on an article in the American daily, published on June 5 and titled, in a very Anglo-Saxon style: “Macron has beaten the coronavirus. But France is not impressed».

The article referred to by BFM is not a position taken by the New York Times as an entity, for example through an editorial, but a news article written by the newspaper‘s correspondent in Paris for several years, Adam Nossiter. In it, the journalist believes that the French president drew very little credit from the “Relative success” of the country in the fight against Covid. And wonders about the recurring mistrust of the French people for Macron, and more generally for the presidential figure.

“Don’t say that to the French …”

“Macron ordered strict containment which lasted for almost two months, and by the end of it, the virus was barely circulating. Even if we can blame it for a certain slowness in the first moments of the pandemic, as well as a shortage of masks, and if more than 29,000 people died, France has fared better than many […] Don’t say that to the French, who want Macron more than ever ”, he writes from the first lines of his article.

He then goes on: “The French expect a lot from their leaders, and almost always find them deficient. Macron is no exception. In fact, the better the results, the less the French are, it seems, to applaud their president. ”

To support his point, the journalist interviewed sociologist Olivier Galland, member of the CNRS. This one considers that “Even if the deconfinement is going rather well, the French do not seem satisfied. I don’t think they can ever be ”.

In the same paper, Adam Nossiter recalls a recent survey conducted by the Figaro, where 66% of respondents say they have an unfavorable opinion of the President. And insists on the fact that, at the same time, Edouard Philippe seems to benefit from a much more favorable opinion.

About the French president, he finally writes in the same article: “In a way, Macron is his own worst enemy, with a style that can seem compelling. His speeches during the crisis were long and literary, two hallmarks. He first reproached the French for lacking a “sense of responsibility”, then congratulated them on their discipline. “

“An inaccurate summary”

Contacted by CheckNews, the journalist says he never wanted, in this paper, “congratulate” Your Macron “Tackle ingratitude” the French. “This is an inaccurate summary of my article, estimates Adam Nossiter. It was a question of questioning a French cultural trait, pointing out the myopia and navel gazing of the French gaze. You always have to look around. From this point of view, France was not that bad, despite the general media line. “

The editor confirms to CheckNews his analysis according to which the health crisis was relatively well managed in France: “I am an American, in my country the management of the Covid has been a total disaster, at all levels. Same thing in the UK. France, next door, has not done that badly. It wasn’t perfect, but at no point was the healthcare system overwhelmed, entire regions of France were untouched by the virus, and French technology was able to lessen the burden in overburdened regions. But to say that is to go against the predominant line in the French media. ”


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