Did she pull them all? The truth about Bagarová’s separation with Muradov

According to the findings of eXtra.cz Bagárová departure from Muradova she had probably been planning since the summer, at least she did the so-called back doors.

Caring for little Rumia: Does only Monika change her clothes, or does Makhmud put her hand to the work?

The Real Estate Cadastre showed that on 7 September she signed a purchase agreement for a plot of land near Brno, which will most likely be her new house for her and her daughter Rumia (1). Monika is at home in Brno, she also has a family here, which she supports her right now in the most difficult moments and helps her take care of the little one.

Bagarova officially announced the break-up for God’s throw through social networks and with the words: “Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, even if you fought until the last minute. I think it’s fair to tell you we’re not family anymore. “

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