Did Quillot Save Eyraud’s Head?

Romain Molina assures that Didier Quillot, the director general of the LFP, intervened to save the head of Jacques-Henri Eyraud, last summer.

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Didier Quillot Jacques Henri Eyraud

Sure Youtube, the journalist affirmed that Quillot had defended the president of OM in front of Frank McCourt, during the American Phocean tour: “Last summer, Didier Quillot of the League was in McCourt’s offices during the OM tour in the USA. And it was Quillot who allowed Eyraud to stay in Marseille. At the time, it was already who had placed Eyraud McCourt. And when it was hot for Eyraud last summer, it was the director general of the LFP who saved his ass. Asked some questions. McCourt had to realize that there was a problem in management. Because the financial hole of OM is catastrophic, we are talking about at least 80 million euros. So Eyraud was not far from jumping last summer, but the League has Basically, Quillot had sold McCourt a completely fanciful business plan. And McCourt was plucked. He put at least 350 million in OM. With a club that loses between 100 potatoes a year. L, McCourt n is even more billionaire … What would you do?

Molina also assured that OM had been put up for sale by McCourt a few weeks ago. Information that will require third party confirmations …

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