Did Jean-Luc Reichmann unveil Eric’s elimination? The canvas ignites! (VIDEO)

We know he is very active on social networks. Jean-Luc Reichmann, the host of 12 noon shots on TF1, likes, in fact, to be close to its viewers … who make it good! If on Twitter he is followed “only” by 81,500 people (his account was opened late), on the other hand, he federates much more on his Instagram account, where he borders on 475,000 subscribers. The interpreter of Leo Mattéi So regularly publishes videos or photos of his daily life.

A video that raises questions…

This Tuesday, May 19, 2020, the presenter, visibly filming 12 noon shots (or in rehearsal?), posted a video that quickly made a name for itself: while he made a little “cuckoo” from the set, Jean-Luc Reichmann films the four desks supposed to welcome the candidates of the flagship game of TF1 . And we can clearly distinguish four first names: Hugo, Valérie, Joachim and Eva. It was enough for internet users to ignite and deduce thatEric, his current grand noon master, was eliminated…

While one wonders by indicating on Instagram “Is it me or Eric is no longer registered on the desks?“, another follower, is immediately enthusiastic:”Oh nice Eric is eliminated before Mother’s Day, his name of the desks has disappeared. Amen!“On Twitter, we find the same type of reaction, but some people already criticize Jean-Luc Reichmann for having unveiled his master’s journey at noon.”Thanks for the Spoiler, Eric wrote more on the desk BUT HUGO! I, who am a follower of the show, I am very disappointed with you Jean Luc!“gets upset about Mathys.

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… But which is to be taken with a lot of tweezers!

Requested by us, the production has not responded yet. All the more reason to take this alleged elimination with enormous tweezers. Especially since on one of the facilitator’s files, which we see at the start of the video, another first name, totally different from those displayed on the desks, appears, that of “Stéphanie” … Unless this video is only used to muddy the waters and create buzz, while everyone is waiting to know if Eric will succeed to dethrone Christian Quesada ? One thing is certain, Eric will indeed be back on TF1 tomorrow at noon: the 46 year old Breton has indeed validated this Tuesday, May 19, 2020, its 168th participation. Suspense!

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