Did FIFA allow LGBT flags to enter stadiums at the 2022 World Cup?

Al Rayyan

Fifa change your mind about the rules of symbols LGBT rainbow from World Cup 2022. If it was forbidden before, now the world football federation is called to allow it.

As reported BBCThe Football Association of Wales (FAW) has revealed that FIFA has allowed LGBT flags to be brought into stadiums for the 2022 World Cup.

“In response to FAW, FIFA has confirmed that fans wearing Rainbow Wall caps and rainbow flags will be allowed into the stadium for Wales’ match against Iran on Friday,” FAW wrote on its social media.

“All World Cup venues have been contacted and instructed to follow the agreed rules and regulations,” the FAW’s statement concluded.

Earlier, FAW had loudly protested that some of its staff and fans were barred from entering the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, ahead of the match against the United States. Stadium officials are not permitted to bring hats and rainbow flags inside, which are symbols of LGBT support World Cup 2022.

Qatar, as host of the 2022 World Cup, has in fact banned LGBT symbols during the tournament. FIFA then suddenly made the rules official shortly before the opening of the event.

FIFA’s position was then taken up by several participants with the intention of protesting. Several European teams planned to wear the One Love captain’s armband, which FIFA subsequently banned under threat of a yellow card.

Threats from FIFA shrunk the squad and only Germany protested further by pretending to keep their mouths shut before the match against Japan. All the way through, the Football Association of Wales announced that FIFA had allowed the symbol LGBT rainbow brought to the stadium World Cup 2022.


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