Did Dinosaurs Get Sick And Hurt Like Humans?


‘The X-Ray Story’ the forty-third overall episode of The Flintstones series in December 1961. Researchers recently revealed that T-rex struggles with parasites and suffers from gout. The short-billed hadrosaurs suffered from tumors and cancer.

Nationalgeographic.co.id—Like humans, dinosaurs could fall sick and get injured. That ancient animal can suffer from toothache until gout, even cancer. By detecting medical conditions in fossils, paleopathologists and experts disease ancient and injured, gained interesting insights into dinosaur behavior and evolution. They study how dinosaurs moved in their world, the relationship between predator and prey, and how dinosaurs of the same species interacted.

However, as CNN recently reported, while they were trying to diagnose disease millions of years old from the fossils, obviously failed in their results.

First, the fossil record only reveals a small part of the creatures that lived in the past, and they come to us after going through many obstacles over millions of years.

Second, fossils have most of the soft tissue missing, so scientists rely on bones for information. And it is often very difficult to determine whether deformations in dinosaur bone structure were caused by disease or destruction of sediment over time.


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