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Diario del Yaqui – Innovative method used to treat cancer

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By: Ana Jusaino

A different method of treating Cancer through a diagnosis precise and innovative equipment, is the model of treatment presented by Danny Roberto Mena Cortés and Carlos Ernesto Montoya Molina, both specialists in nuclear medicine e molecular image.

One of the teams presented to treat the Cancer It is called PET / CT, where tomography is performed through a computer, tissues and organs are evaluated by identifying the contrast material at the molecular level, prior to the evaluation, small amounts of radiopharmaceuticals are used.

Another piece of equipment is called SPECT / CT and is an element of diagnosis that uses small amounts of radioisotopes (atom of a chemical element that emits radioactive radiation), administered either orally, intravenously or inhaled, to fixate on the affected organ, a condition that is seen from a gamma camera.

PEM positron emission mammography is an imaging method that uses radioisotopes like PET, to detect lesions with a higher metabolism suggestive of Cancer. This study is indicated for those patients with dense post-radiotherapy breast tissue and, in women with a family history of Cancer of Mother.

The specialists indicated that the aforementioned methods are available in the new Cancer Center of Medical Group Saint Joseph on Hermosillo and they added that this type of treatment it is only available in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

The Argentine specialist of nuclear medicine Danny Roberto, commented that for certain types of patients it is necessary to use a diagnosis precise in the application of the radioactive substanceOtherwise, complications could occur in the person due to side effects.

He specified that for the vast majority of types of Cancer a radioactive substance whose main content is glucose with other components, however, for the Cancer prostate, among others, does not contain the same component.

“The radioactive substance is called radioisotope, it is attached to a molecule that depending on the Cancer is the one that is going to be used, so the molecule that is most used in oncology is sugar labeled with radioactive material, “said Mena Cortés.

Nuclear medicine is a specialty area that is responsible for performing medicine from diagnosis and treatments based on the area of ​​radioactive substances that are introduced into the body through the vein, sometimes it can be oral or inhaled “, detailed the specialist in nuclear medicine, Carlos Ernesto Montoya Molina.

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