Diana Kubasova’s charming video shows her life in Bali

Beauty contestant Diana Kubasova, who lives in Bali during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, has posted a charming video on Instagram showing her life on the beautiful island.

In the video published by Diana, she wakes up early in the morning, enjoying time with friends, meditating and swimming.

Diana writes that she greatly appreciates the fact that there may be Bali.

“Everyone says that the last time the island was so quiet and clean was decades ago, before movies and Instagram made it a popular tourist destination.

I am blessed to be here and enjoy the empty beaches, the traffic without congestion, the restaurants I can just go to, but the places I had previously booked for months ahead.

The promised border opening date is 11 September. Many of my friends and family are already planning to visit God’s Island. I can’t wait to take them to my favorite places, “Kubasova wrote.

Earlier we reported that Kubasova had recently told that for the 4th time she has not managed to return to Latvia.

“My 4th attempt to go to Latvia failed – now the 4th flight, which was canceled! I feel that Bali has not done everything with me yet and is not finally taking me home!” Diana spoke to her followers. She also made no secret of the fact that the longer she stays in Bali, the less she lacks Europe.

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