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The animated series of Netflix video game adaptation “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” produced by TRIGGER became the most talked about work in the ACG circle recently after its launch, while “Cyberpunk 2077” (Cyberpunk 2077)) The number of online users continues to grow, and the number of people online at Steam’s peak reached 136,724.

For CD Projekt Red, the figure of 136,724 is of great importance. Since the game “Dianyu Renke 2077” was launched in late 2020, although the largest number of concurrent online users reached 830,387 on Steam, the game’s reputation is Affected by Performance Issues and Bugs Influence, since February 2021, the maximum number of online users was less than 100,000, until the release of the “Edge Walker” animation, which once again brings this work to a resurgence in popularity.


The success of the “Edgewalker” animation is not only determined by the number of online players of the original game, but is also reflected in the creation of the modding community. In the past two weeks alone, the NexusMod forum has brought life to the creation of the modified “Edgewalker” animated characters appear as.

Including face models or clothes of popular heroine Lucy and hero David, and wildly popular Rebecca also has her own pupil color modules and tattoos, and even the official MV heroine Sasha also has someone who does her watch mods.



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If you are interested in installing these mods, you can go to the NexusMod forum to download them yourself. As usual, here’s a reminder that game officials don’t encourage modding and that gamers need to be aware of computer security risks prior to installation.

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