Diameter of the racing muffler, its strengths and weaknesses

The diameter of the racing exhaust is obviously different from the standard exhaust dimensions usually found on motorcycles. You can clearly see the difference in the diameter of the standard and racing exhausts. Because the two types of motorcycle exhaust are really different and their use is also different.

The muffler is a part of a motorcycle that plays an important role. This engine component serves as an exhaust for the combustion residues in a motorcycle engine. Furthermore, the exhaust has several other functions related to the engine itself.

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Racing muffler diameterdifferent from the standard format

There are two common types of exhaust on motorcycles, namely the racing exhaust and the standard exhaust. Both have quite stark differences, especially when you look at them in terms of sound. Racing exhaust has a loud sound and often disturbs other people.

However, even though so many people still choose it, because they think it is more beautiful.

So the standard muffler sounds smaller and doesn’t really bother hearing. Many people also choose to use this drain because it is more comfortable and safer.

Racing exhausts have a smaller neck diameter than standard exhaust sizes. This is because a standard exhaust has 2 to 3 layers to protect consumers. This layer works as a heat sink as it may appear.

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Difference between Racing and Standard silencers

We can see the difference between racing and standard exhausts from their basic structure. The basic structure includes whether or not there is a hose connecting between the engine and the cylinder head section. The standard exhaust uses a pipe to drain the remaining flue gases.

While the racing version doesn’t use a pipe, it does use a galvanized manifold. This is what makes his voice louder.

The racing exhaust also does not use glass wool which works to make the exhaust sound smoother.

In a standard exhaust, the size is based on the needs of the bike so that it can work properly and comfortably.

This dimension is also to consider user comfort and engine performance. For example, to minimize the remaining flue gases and the noise produced by the exhaust.

The diameter of the racing exhaust will also affect the sound and performance of the bike. The diameter of the collector to the galvanized pipe in the exhaust was also adapted in this way.

The goal is that the exhaust can produce a good sound, but not reduce its performance.

Motorcycles with racing-type exhausts perform better than standard types. Engine performance, especially in the top end, will feel better due to the higher horsepower.

Meanwhile, a motorcycle with a standard exhaust makes the engine perform less than optimally. Because a lot of exhaust gas is filtered, causing back pressure on the engine in the exhaust.

The racing exhaust, on the other hand, does not have a residual gas filter because it goes to waste immediately. Thus, the performance of the motorcycle with a racing exhaust is even better.

Advantages of using Racing mufflers

Using a racing exhaust also has its advantages. For example, the racing exhaust can build horsepower from top-down rotation. Then it also works as a loudspeaker for the roar of the 2-cylinder engine.

The sound of the racing exhaust is also louder, so it makes a fresher impression. Besides, her strong voice could also attract more people’s attention. But of course the sound can also disturb the public and other bikers.

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Disadvantages of using Racing mufflers

While it has several advantages, using a racing exhaust diameter also has disadvantages.

Of course, you also have to pay attention to these shortcomings, because they can have a negative impact. As mentioned, racing exhaust noise can disturb other motorists.

So even the racing exhaust is not safe if you meet the police, because you can get caught. So when using a racing exhaust you must always be vigilant and careful.

Because if you get caught by the police, of course you can get into trouble. For example, you have to replace the racing exhaust with a standard exhaust. Apart from this, you can also have various other problems that can harm you.

So, these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a racing exhaust diameter. With these pros and cons, you obviously have to think carefully about them when installing. (R10/HR-Online)

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