Diablo 2 click 20 years. Diablo 1 with a full Polish language version

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Diablo II debuted 20 years ago. Anniversaries of the premiere of the cult hack’n’slash studio by Blizzard Entertainment include director David Brevik. However, a few days earlier Polish fans welcomed the debut of Polish dubbing the first Diablo.

Diablo II celebrates its 20th birthday.

Equally 20 years ago, the debut game today posed by many of the best productions in the history of electronic gameplay. Talking about Diablo II, which was released on June 29, 2000, and today celebrates its 20th anniversary. This fact honors, among others director of the pair, or David Brevik (currently in the Grinding Gear Games studio) at Twitter, like many fans series.

Diablo II he is still believed to be hacknslash. The title will not introduce any revolutionary solutions but will develop a solid foundation first Diablo in a title that is a time of gameplay. Or rather the time, because today two can convince even modern players. It is difficult to say more than repeat many, many texts describing legends Diablo II, including those written by the authors of our website. Some of them can be found below.

What about Diablo II Remake?

Many hoped for the 20th anniversary Diablo II rumors about the subject are confirmed Diablo 2 Resurected, i.e. the refreshed edition of two. That would be as he wants French site of Actuagaming will appear later this year, though last year’s information Blizzard’s loss of game source code. Unfortunately, the company has not prepared any announcement regarding a potential remake. The only consolation is the anniversary animation Kanau Carbot Animations released on YouTube and article Rod Fergusson (from this year corresponds to your for brand development). And of course fan projects. The latter take into account freshly issued Polish translation of the first Diablo.

Pena Polish version of Diablo

For Diablo II is available in our language almost since the premiere, the one has never been officially translated. Now, however, first Diablo we can play with Polish dubbing, prepared by WiAParker groups. This is not a fan day. Both amateur and professional actors were involved in the development of the Polish language version, and voices were recorded at the Wilanw Theater in Warsaw. Importantly, the group also located the basic version Diabloand add-on Hellfire. Translation can be downloaded from with this addressand the installation instructions you will find here.

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