Diabetes Drugs Cause Kidney Failure? This is what the expert said

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Problem kidney What is experienced by diabetics is not caused by drugs but uncontrolled blood sugar. So said the specialist in metabolic endocrine consultant from the Indonesian Endocrinology Association (PERKENI), Prof. DR. dr. Sidartawan, SpPD-KEMD, FINASIM.

“Actually, it’s the kidney damage if diabetes not controlled. If the sugar is high, the damage continues and if it is damaged, it cannot be returned,” he said in a media gathering entitled “Prevent Early Kidney Complications in Diabetes Strugglers”, Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

According to Sidartawan, until now diabetic patients who consult doctors often express fear of drugs. Some argue, drugs damage the kidneys. He did not deny that there are certain medicines that patients cannot take if they have kidney problems. Therefore, the doctor will usually examine the overall condition of the patient’s organs such as the heart and kidneys to determine which drug should be given.

“Depending on kidney function, there are drugs that can be given and they can’t,” he explained, adding that often patients do not know they have diabetes.

The same thing was also expressed by a specialist in kidney disease and hypertension consultant from the University of Indonesia, dr. Tunggul D Situmorang, SpPD-KGH, FINASIM. He also emphasized that the cause of kidney damage in diabetic patients was not medicine, but the target for blood sugar control was not achieved.

“The main causes of kidney failure, even dialysis, are hypertension and uncontrolled diabetes,” he said.

Stump said hypertension and diabetes can appear together. About two out of three patients who need dialysis due to diabetes and hypertension.

“If it can be prevented early, blood sugar can be controlled properly. If hypertension is controlled properly, then we will be able to prevent it or not.” kidney failure or at least slow down not until dialysis,” said Tunggul.

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