Diaa Al-Sayed: If Al-Ahly “stood up” Bin Sharqi, Zamalek would not be seen in front of him

Diaa El Sayed, the former Egyptian soccer star, revealed the forces of the Egyptian football poles Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the African Champions League final next Friday.

Diaa Al-Sayed said in televised statements: “Ashraf bin Sharqi is the strongest element in the ranks of Zamalek Club, and if Al-Ahly succeeded in stopping him, Zamalek will not see before him the length of the match.”

He continued: “As for Ali Maaloul, he is the strongest element in the Al-Ahly club, and Zamalek club must search for solutions on its right front in order to stop the danger of Ali Maaloul in order to confront the forces of Al-Ahly club in the upcoming match scheduled for next Friday.”

The Egyptian football star previously talked about the motives of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek clubs in the African Champions League final scheduled for next Friday at Cairo Stadium, saying: “Al-Ahly has great motives, especially as it wants to win the ninth African championship, but this does not diminish the Zamalek club. The other has strong motives and has a very strong and fiery offensive line. “Al-Ahly has won three times more championships than Zamalek.”


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