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The Americas division of the German logistics giant Deutsche Post DHL will invest US$137 million in 2022 to expand its operating capacity, including aircraft, said a manager, who maintained the goals despite the impact of the closures in Chinathe war in ukraine and the elevated inflation.

Among the main objectives of DHL Express in the Americas is to double this year the fleet of electric vehicles, currently 327 units.

“This year alone there will be US$ 137 million in the Americas, in expansion of operations, capacity of facilities and buildings, the other part is in investments in aircraft, in July we will have the announcement of a new flight that will leave Miami for a country of South Americasaid Mike Parrapresident for the Americas of DHL Express. “The last part of the investment is in electric vehicles”, he explained.

In the Americas, DHL Express posted revenues of more than €5 billion in 2021, up 29% from the previous year.

Parra said that, although the group maintains the projection of Eibtda of 8,000 million euros for this year, will depend on the next three months, in the midst of the current global situation.

“The year started well, January and February, we began to see an impact in March and April based on the impact of China due to the pandemic issue and what is the supply and movement in Ukraine”said Parra.

The executive said that a third impact has been taking place since April due to the general rise in inflation.

“We have seen an increase in the cost of gasoline for our vehicles, of what we use in our air operations, of jet fuel that is used in planes, in trucks that go long distances, we have also had to increase salaries in our countries , rental costs”assured.

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The DHL Express Americas region covers all countries in the region, from Canada until Chileincluding the Caribbeancon USA as its main operation, a total of more than 30,000 employees and more than 160 daily flights.

“Up to this moment we are enduring what was the ‘guidance’ that we gave to the market, but I don’t know if it can change or not, that will depend a lot on the next 90 days”said Parra.

However, the manager trusted that once the restrictions in China are lifted and the expectations of price moderation materialize, a situation similar to that of the second part of 2020 when shipments skyrocketed after the first closures due to the pandemic.

“We are going to see a quantity of material that is going to come from China to many countries in the Americas, because the demand is more than the capacity that there is at the moment”Parra concluded.

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