DGT | The DGT explains which lights to turn on in the car when it rains

In a moment of storm or torrential rain the road always becomes a scene of attention and danger. The vehicles, depending on the amount of water or if it is snow or hail, they can lose grip on their wheels, in addition to the fact that at the moment the visibility of the driver can be reduced, who could stop capturing the reference with the signs and road markings. The question arises whether in the face of these episodes of rain that affect visibility, the driver should turn on the fog lights, in case this improves the field of vision.

The fog lights They are only suitable for fog banks in which visibility on the road is minimal and in this way it is possible that other drivers can detect the presence of vehicles on the road. Formerly the front light it was yellow and not all cars had it. The red rear light has always been present to avoid collisions due to lack of visibility.

Taking advantage of this perennial doubt over time, the General Directorate of Traffic has used its social networks to try to dissolve the rule on the use of fog lights. The DGT publishes in its message that the optimal lights for cases of lack of visibility in episodes of rain are the crossing lights and that it would only be necessary to activate “unless the light is greatly reduced. visibility«. The tweet continues advising that if it is done, they should be turned off “when they are no longer necessary.”

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