DFB manager: Money can make development more difficult

Football coach Meikel Schönweitz sees difficulties in developing talent. (Image: dpa)
(Photo: Oliver Killig/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa)

Frankfurt/Main – Meikel Schönweitz, head coach of the DFB U-national teams, also sees obstacles to the development of talent due to the increased financial possibilities in the youth sector.

“Meanwhile there is also the opportunity to earn a lot of money in the junior sector. The decisions made by the players’ environment are therefore often no longer based on seizing the best development opportunity, but on earning the most money,” said Schönweitz in an interview with the Funke media group (Wednesday).

“In addition, more and more full-time coaches are on duty, which is great at first. At the same time, this creates dependencies. The coaches often make different decisions than part-timers did,” said the 42-year-old. There are talents in Germany, “but fewer and fewer top players at the highest international level compared to other nations”.

In addition to the money, Schönweitz cited other factors that make it difficult to “exploit the talent pool”. Another factor is time. “Everything is getting faster and more digital. Increased speed leads to increased pressure on and off the field. You have less and less time to make decisions, less and less time to process the information. That takes away the calm and freedom that the boys need for their development,” he said.

The third factor is society, which is constantly changing. “There are more and more alternatives to football and sport in general. Values ​​and virtues are changing, for example influencers are taking on the role models of teachers and athletes. The patience to go through long processes in order to be successful is dwindling. Everyday movements are also lost,” said Schönweitz.

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