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The terror we live in

If that “hugs, not bullets” is just a motto and not a strategy, it seems to me that it has not had enough weight or effectiveness to overcome and demonstrate that Justice is the first reason for the action of the authority

After a brief period of rest in these editorial pages, we return only to find that the reality of our state has not changed much, but has remained in that line that seems to tend towards violence that compromises both civil society and to the authorities, often questioning the actions of the latter, since many of those presumed responsible for the violent acts are not caught or brought to justice.

In recent days, in which various summer and cultural festivals have been held, and with the visits of thousands of countrymen to their communities of origin, we have seen at the same time the execution of countless people, attacks on buildings private, shootings in different municipal seats and the murder of more police officers, as if that were not enough.

All these actions, whether we like it or not, fill many good citizens with fear who, perhaps without knowing the motivations of the criminal groups, only remain silent witnesses of the barbarity and the increasing level of cruelty in such bloody acts. Fear that in more than one person soon becomes terror, for what could happen to a loved one, a family member, an acquaintance.

And here I ask myself a question: how often have you seen that one of these criminals has been treated as a “terrorist”? Is there such consideration in Mexican legislation, and are there penalties for those who instill terror with their illicit acts? According to some specialists, yes. Or at least there are sufficient legal considerations to combat “the financing of terrorism”, almost aimed at those who contribute resources to international organizations of religious or ideological fundamentalism or extremism, but not precisely for those who carry out activities within the so-called “crime”. organized”.

Yes, there are some articles of the Federal Penal Code that contemplate the term “terrorism”, but it is rarely seen its updating or use in criminal proceedings against those who have already been detained, for example, as a result of the operations against the cartels that maintain your dispute in our country.

What cannot be denied, for the moment, is that many of these events – especially executions, for example – are aimed at causing and spreading that fear, that panic and terror, among society and among the ranks of their opponents. , and of course, they also intend to frighten or intimidate the authority… and in many cases they seem to achieve it.

That is why I believe that, for the time being, the authorities have turned a blind eye in considering all these acts –obviously illegal– not as terrorism, but just enough to classify them as the most common crimes: homicides, femicides, illegal deprivation of liberty, damage to things… etc.

If, as they say from the authority, that “hugs, not bullets” is just a motto and not a strategy, it seems to me that this (the strategy) has not had enough weight or effectiveness to overcome the motto and demonstrate that Justice it is as the first motive for the action of the authority itself. And if the objective is to safeguard Peace and harmonious social coexistence in society in general, I believe that there is still a long way to go in bringing down those acts and neutralizing those who carry them out.

We must recognize, of course, that the violent acts that we see practically every day as a result of the activities of the so-called “organized crime” are generating terror in various sectors of the population. Denying it, or turning to the other side, implies the normalization of violence and, consequently, also implies the trivialization of justice.

Hopefully our authorities will understand, soon, that this trivialization does not lead to any good port and that it only makes people believe, more and more, that we do not have authorities that know how to maintain the order and peace that they swore to defend.

COLUMN: Devil’s Advocate

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