– Manchester United – Manchester United – FC Copenhagen 1: 0. The Red Devils report in the semi-finals of the Europa League

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer put up a strong line-up against the Danes and the fans could think that the team was going to be a light, easy and fun match. Reality quickly verified these predictions. The team of Stale Solbakken started without any complexes, and the Red Devils were not eager to attack decisively.

In the 9th minute Marcus Rashford fired a free kick. The Englishman’s attempt was lousy and the FC Copenhagen goalkeeper didn’t even have to intervene.

In the following minutes the Danes were more and more boldly going into Manchester United’s penalty area. Mohamed Daramy took his toll on the Red Devils’ defenders. Once he was close to catching the ball on the fifth meter, another time he turned Eric Bailly after losing Fred easily.

Manchester United did not push the pace, and the fast game was certainly not made easier by the over thirty-degree temperature on Monday evening in Cologne. In the 21st minute Bruno Fernandes hit the crossbar. Even if the Portuguese tried better, the goal would not have been the case, because at the moment of the pass from Paul Pogba he was offside. Fernandes missed a free kick a few minutes later.

In the end, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s players picked up the pace a bit. Marcus Rashford fired from an acute angle and Karl-Johan Johnsson had a hard time driving the ball straight ahead. In extra time, Mason Greenwood sent the ball to the goal of the Swedish goalkeeper. The Englishman finished the action with a great Rashford pass, hit the long corner and was happy with another hit in the Europa League. The joy, however, was short-lived, because VAR intervened and informed the referee that Greenwood was in an offside position. Until the break, we did not watch goals at the RheinEnergieStadion.

Manchester United started the second half with more energy than the first half. Paul Pogba quickly moved to the shooting position. He hit as hard as miss. In the 55th minute the Red Devils slapped Copenhagen’s defense – Brandon Williams put the ball in front of the sixteenth to Fred, but the Brazilian passed the ball to the Danes’ goalkeeper, instead of forcing him to make an effort.

A moment later, Mason Greenwood was close to the opening score. The Englishman hit the ball hard on the left leg and hit the post. The ball fell at Rashford’s feet, he sent it to the net in no time, but when Greenwood shot the shot, he was offside and the referee could not recognize the hit.

In the 63rd minute Bruno Fernandes had his chance. The Portuguese decided to make an unannounced shot from outside the penalty area into the far corner of Johnsson’s goal. The Swedish goalkeeper did not manage to touch the ball, and it only hit the post.

Manchester United’s unused situations could take their revenge two minutes later. Rasmus Falk carried out a major action in the Red Devils’ penalty area. The Dane spun Williams at the end line, passed to Jonas Wind, who played to Bryan Oviedo, whose shot was blocked.

The game in Cologne definitely opened, and Manchester United threatened the Danish goal over and over again. Fernandes, Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial had their chances. Especially noteworthy was the shot of the Portuguese, but the goal of FC Copenhagen was a brilliant intervention.

In the 84th minute, the Red Devils were close to opening the match result. The shot from outside the penalty area was taken by Anthony Martial. The French tried on a long corner, and Johnsson showed a brilliant intervention – the Swede kicked the ball beyond the end line with one hand. The extra time scenario at the stadium in Cologne was becoming more and more real.

In the end, Martial decided on an individual action, who fell into the penalty area of ​​FC Copenhagen with great force. The French, however, did not manage to fire, because Victor Nelsson stopped him with a risky slide tackle at the last moment. We didn’t have goals in regular time and referee Clément Turpin had to order extra time.

In the 93rd minute Juan Mata, introduced a moment earlier, played a great ball for Martial. The French, however, lost the one-on-one duel with the Copenhagen goalkeeper. The action continued, however, and after a while Martial was fouled by Andreas Bjelland. The referee indicated a penalty kick. Bruno Fernandes approached the ball and with great calm turned the team into a goal!

The scored goal encouraged the Red Devils to attack the FC Copenhagen goal again. In the 98th minute, Martial showed a great dribble, he passed next rivals at full speed and was looking for a position to shoot. Eventually he passed to Mata, whose technical blow was blocked.

In the 102nd minute, Mata had another situation. This time the action was driven by Nemanja Matić, he played to the left side, Mata received a good pass, but he scored very wrongly. A few minutes later, Manchester United could decide the fate of the competition. A great shot from outside the penalty area was fired by Fernandes, and Johnsson showed off with a great intervention. A moment later, the Swedish goalkeeper, only in his known way, saved Mata’s shot. Golkiper FC Copenhagen played the match of his life.

In the second half of extra time, the Red Devils did not push the pace. FC Copenhagen threw all their forces at Sergio Romero’s goal, but United’s defense was very well organized and did not let the victory fall.

Manchester United in the semi-final of the Europa League will face the winner of the Wolverhampton – Sevilla match on 16 August.

Manchester United – FC Kopenhaga 1:0 (0:0, 0:0)
Goals: Bruno Fernandes 95 ‘ [karny]

Manchester United: Romero – Wan-Bissaka, Bailly (Lindelof 71′), Maguire, Williams – Pogba, Fred (Matić 70′) – Greenwood (Mata 91′), Fernandes, Rashford (Lingard 112′) – Martial (McTominay 120′)

FC Kopenhaga: Johnsson – Varela (Bartolec 105 ‘), Nelsson, Bjelland, Boilesen (Bengtsson 15’) – Biel (Oviedo 57 ‘), Stage (Mudrażija 105’), Zeca – Daramy (Kaufmann 57 ‘), Wind, Falk (Boeving 111’ )

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