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The most long-awaited and beloved by many winter holidays are approaching: New Year and Christmas. And according to tradition, all those who during the year gave us exciting adventures, the most dangerous trials, or at least hope, publish their own holiday cards.

We collect everything that developers and publishers publish and send us, and show it in the largest common material. This news will be updated and replenished, so do not forget to follow it!

CD Project didn’t bother the players with cyberpunk realities and resorted to a win-win theme: Geralt saves Santa Claus

Creators Days Gone presented another way to use the hero’s motorcycle

Capcom dressed up the heroes of the remake in festive attire Resident Evil 3

Sony hung up recognizable Christmas decorations

In the fireplace Bethesda you can find references to a variety of games from the publisher

The authors of the series King’s Bounty winter holidays turned out to be completely traditional. Almost!

Authors Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice could not help but start dancing, so the postcard came out animated

Insomniac Games I had to make two different postcards, because the studio is known not only for Ratchet & Clank, but also by recent Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Mask, mask, I know you! Of course, the creators of the series congratulated us Sonic

Sucker Punch this year, it was on everyone’s lips thanks to the successful Ghost of Tsushima

Naughty Dog for some reason did not begin to remind of the sequel The Last of Usby designing the embroidery design for the sweater instead

On a postcard Nintendo – heroes of the series Pikmin

Treyarch creatively played on the zombie theme in a recent Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Authors of the series Battlefield reminded that peaceful joys are possible in war

Hideo Kojima’s studio was also unable to decide on the final design of the postcard and instead published all three

No, creators Dying Light did not consider the New Year as a reason to name the release date Dying Light 2

Astro’s Playroom, free and “must have”, turned out to be a great game, well worth two postcards

Remake Demon’s Souls less lucky, but the Christmas tree shines for everyone

At the studio Media Molecule there are enough cute and funny characters, not all of them got on the postcard

Action movie Returnal will be released only in 2021, and this is a great reason to wait for the New Year

New Year at Bungie looks fantastic, like her game worlds

Destruction AllStars also still lives in the section of expected projects of 2021

Heroes NBA 2K21 there is a New Year’s outfit, it’s a pity that the game did not surprise with anything special

Another fun company under the Christmas tree, this time from the autobattle Auto Chess

Characters Bugsnax send their congratulations from Yummy Island

Studio Pixelopus became famous thanks to Concrete Genieand now she’s working on a rhythmic action movie Entwined

It is difficult not to recognize by the laconic emblems of the heroes Marvel’s Avengers

Hello Games recalled how about No Man’s Skyand about fresh The Last Campfire

Heavenly Bodies allows you to dress up a Christmas tree in space, although each step threatens to fly into infinity

Studio Charm Games is engaged in virtual reality games, and the postcard makes it easy to discover the world of adventure FORM

San Diego studio, division Sony Interactive Entertainment, responsible for the game series MLB The Show

Postcard for the studio Flight School painted by her creative director Adam Walker

Canadian studio Paper Cult just seems impolite. In fact, the developers just got used to the image of the heroes. Bloodroots

Here’s the contrast: an extremely cute postcard Koei Tecmo!

And here are the main driving forces of the survival The Survivalists – monkeys that can be adapted to production processes!

Little Nightmares 2 not yet released, but her characters are already preparing to meet

Platformer Sackboy: The Big Adventure has become one of the best new products on the PlayStation 5 console

Polish publishing house ALL iN! Games added to his congratulations whole list cooperative games for family holidays

Company Nacon for the holidays released not one postcard, but a whole series, for all her fresh games

The bear sleeps – the service is in progress. IN World of Warships: Legends December update released for the holidays

Vertigo Games prepares us for the release of a zombie action movie Arizona Sunshine

Don’t like zombie snowmen? Here is a more traditional one, its authors blinded The Sexy Brutale

Spike Chunsoft reminds of the decade of its series Danganronpa

The hardest part is SEGA: so much has been created and released in 60 years that it is impossible to make a single postcard

Road adventure Season only recently announced, but many have already noted the game

Rocket League I didn’t even have to strain myself to convey the picture of the winter holidays

Inhabitants of the world Oddworld remind: in 2021 we are waiting for Soulstorm

Konami – one of the few that on the eve of the holidays, first of all, they remembered about health and safety

Heroes Grindstone here for a reason: recently CAPY released the game on Nintendo Switch

Dead by Daylight released this year on Android and iOS

In a crazy world Creaks it is easy to imagine such an event

Winter is not a reason to throw a skateboard, the authors of the remaster are sure Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Holding a Christmas decoration on your shoulders is not as difficult as the globe, but much more responsible! Congratulations from Civilization VI Authors

You managed to pick up Torchlight 2 on a free distribution? Then you can get ready to go Torchlight 3!

Studio Fatshark decorated its logo for the holidays, it can be seen from Warhammer 40,000: Darktide there is nothing to show yet

Congratulation London Studio, authors Blood & Truth, turned out to be very laconic

Yes, we have no doubt that many gamers will welcome the New Year right in Fortnite!

Heroes WWE 2K Battlegrounds easy to recognize even in a snow globe

Yes, in 2021 we hope to meet with Horizon Forbidden West!

Steel Wool Studios known for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, but there is nothing wrong with opening a varod

Airship Syndicate working on the debut game, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Publisher Raw Fury ended the year with an unusual step: by publishing templates of all your contracts and agreements

Adventure Hero Moss easy to learn from the back

IN Counterplay Games it didn’t work out very well with Godfallbut studio promises fix everything

World Path of Exile stern and gloomy, but who said that there can be no holidays in it?

Heroine Kena: Bridge of Spirits and her team of tiny spirits

No, this is not a hockey player, this is a hero Madden NFL 21!

Publisher Chucklefish recalled that in addition to Stardew Valley he has Starbound, Wargroove and Risk of Rain

For winter holidays Activision fits with all seriousness

PGA Tour – the most famous gaming series dedicated to professional golf

The most famous game of the publisher Private Division still remains Kerbal Space Program

Yes, work on Weapon and DayZ undoubtedly leaves an imprint on the specifics of strategic planning!

This year SMITE celebrated its eight year anniversary, and already five years ago it was played by 10 million

Jett: The Far Shore will call us on an interstellar expedition in 2021

Cuphead hard not to find out, right?

Fans Remnant: From the Ashes can already get acquainted with the prequel, Chronos: Before the Ashes

Rhythm game Fuser, by the way, goes well with the holidays!

MY.Games has prepared a dashing team for the New Year’s fun. And a bunch of gifts!

Fall Guys became one of the unexpected sensations of 2020

Who has holidays, but War Thunder work is in full swing: gifts will not deliver themselves

Do not wake up until the New Year! This beast is from the logo Finji

Even on a New Year’s card FIFA 21 does not deviate from the official style

A bandicoot named Crash unexpectedly returned to our Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

And again Christmas in the style of Resident Evil, this time – with a focus on the future, Village

Heroes Worms Rumble no need to imagine

Heroes Outriders as they can and celebrate. Co-op shooter due out February 2, 2021

Bethesda reminds: in its merchandise store in bulk of souvenirs for all the games of the company!

Freebird Games familiar from her lyrical plays, and soon she will also release comics

Sweet warrior from Neon Abyss I am sure that everyone will recognize her even without a signature

Heroes Life is Strange incredibly cute when they don’t care

SEGA brought heroes together Mega Drive & Genesis Classics

You don’t have to explain which game this stalker card is about

This year Dontnod released two games, and Tell Me Why seemed to be greeted warmer than Twin Mirror

Finally, our New Year’s gallery is completed by the publishing house Team 17


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